Lazy Yoga: a new kind of massage therapy

Want to take the stressing, straining and striving out of your quest for wellbeing?

Get healthier without the effort: yoga massage sessions tailored to your body’s needs.

Looking after your body can be a real drag.

There’s just so much to do…

You’ve got to watch what you eat,

get enough sleep,

avoid the toxins,

set limits on screen time,

get enough sunshine,

avoid too much sunshine,

drink plenty of water,

work out what supplements you should be taking.

buy the supplements,

take the supplements,

find out that they weren’t the right supplements after all,

buy new supplements…

The list goes on and on.

And on top of all this you actually have to MOVE YOUR BODY at least once in a while.

Which means schlepping to a loud stinky gym or dragging your huffing puffing self around the marshes twice a week or, the worst of all…

Going to yoga classes!

Where some lithe, just-back-from-Bali, twenty-something Goddess who can touch her nose with her anus ‘encourages’ you to keep trying with a look that attempts to be sympathetic but can’t help transmitting the thought “I’m so glad I’ll never be you.”


“Surely there must be a better way?” you scream.

Er, actually, yes there is…

Introducing: Lazy Yoga – a new kind of wellness practice that emphasises making absolutely zero effort.

It takes yoga, self-development, looking after yourself, healing, spiritual development, whatever you want to call it, back to the fundamentals.

It’s about quieting the mind.

Opening the heart.

Letting go of striving and straining and comparing.

Allowing mind, body and spirit to settle into a place where no effort is necessary.

A place of stillness.

A place of non-doing.

A place of simply being.

My yoga massage practice is all about helping you find that place through a gentle combination of acupressure, assisted stretching, joint mobilisation, breathwork and guided meditation.

It’s about making yoga effortless.

Book a session today and start unlearning all those horrible healthy habits you’ve picked up off the internet.

“Magic hands”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“He checks in with every session, is a great communicator and has magic hands. I am so grateful to Jamie for everything. Go see him now!”
Elly Hoyt
  • Heal your nervous system;
  • Build body confidence;
  • Develop better body awareness and sensitivity;
  • Release excess tension;
  • Learn to relax profoundly;
  • Improve your mobility without sacrificing joint stability;
  • Balance your energies and regulate your chakras;
  • Improve your health, vitality, emotional stability, confidence, sex drive and productivity.

“Highly recommended”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Highly recommended. If you want an excellent massage, from a professional and kind massage therapist, I’d highly recommend Jamie. I have been fortunate to have massages from him regularly now for several years, and always feel a million dollars after each session.”
Adam Ray


The Well Garden

I treat patients at one of the most serene, welcoming and comfortable set of treatment rooms in London.
The Well Garden is located in Hackney Downs Studios, just off Amhurst Road, right between Lower Clapton and Stoke Newington.

“A gifted massage therapist”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Jamie is a gifted massage therapist who is highly professional and takes into account all of your needs. I was recovering from an injury and had a hugely positive, healing and good experience working with him over 3 months.”
Sarah Louise Davies
A man of 43 years with grey-black hair and a grey-black beard sits on a low wall in a garden.

About me

My approach is to treat each client as whole human being existing in dynamic relationship with the world around them.

Ready to let go of the effort and become a better friend to your body?